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Step into the realm of superior garage flooring in Rockwood, TN! Gone are the days of enduring a drab, fractured surface beneath your prized vehicles. Whether your garage is the safe haven for your automotive gems, a bustling workshop, or a catch-all storage space, an upgraded, sturdy floor can revolutionize your garage experience. At Floor Shield of Knoxville, we take immense pride in providing premier garage floor coatings that not only transform the aesthetics of your garage but significantly boost its functionality too. Bid farewell to the unsightly cracks and stubborn stains, and warmly welcome a garage space that reflects your pride and meets your standards.

What Are The Benefits of Investing in Garage Flooring?

The garage might be a space primarily for vehicles, tools, and storage, but it’s also a reflection of your home’s overall quality and care. A well-maintained garage floor:

Enhances Aesthetic Appeal

Say goodbye to unsightly stains, cracks, and wear. Our concrete floor coatings provide a seamless, glossy finish that transforms the garage into a cleaner, brighter, and more inviting space.

Boosts Durability

Ordinary concrete floors can chip, crack, and deteriorate over time. With a premium garage floor coating, you're investing in a robust and long-lasting surface that resists impacts, chemicals, and abrasions.

Adds Value to Your Home

A modern, sleek garage flooring not only elevates the look of your space but also potentially adds value to your property, making it an enticing feature for future buyers.

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Why Choose Floor Shield of Knoxville?

Local Expertise

Located in the heart of Rockwood, TN, we deeply understand the needs and preferences of our community. Over the years, Floor Shield of Knoxville has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality garage flooring solutions tailored for our residents.

Premium Materials

We use top-grade materials for all our projects. Our garage floor coatings offer superior strength, resistance to chemicals, and UV stability, ensuring your floor remains in pristine condition for years.

Skilled Craftsmanship

Our team of professionals is trained in the latest techniques and applications. When you choose Floor Shield of Knoxville, you’re opting for precision, attention to detail, and a floor that stands out in both functionality and aesthetics.

Our Garage Flooring Services

  • Garage Floor Coating: Our specialized garage floor coatings bond deeply with the concrete, providing a resilient, non-slip surface. Whether you’re looking for a classic gray, a vibrant shade, or a decorative chip pattern, we’ve got you covered.
  • Concrete Floor Repair: Before applying any coating, it’s essential to address any existing issues. Our team is skilled in repairing cracks, leveling uneven surfaces, and treating stains to ensure the coating adheres perfectly.
  • Maintenance and Care: Our service doesn’t end once the coating is applied. We guide you on the best practices to maintain your garage floor, ensuring it remains as good as new for years.
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Ready to Transform Your Garage Floor in Rockwood, TN?

Don’t wait any longer; make the change today! Invest in a garage floor that not only withstands the test of time but also serves as a visual delight every time you step in. At Floor Shield of Knoxville, we’re ready to elevate your garage from a mere storage space to a place of pride, reflecting your taste and lifestyle. Say goodbye to cracks and stains, and hello to a robust, glossy, and appealing floor that takes your garage experience to a higher level. Contact us today for a free consultation!


Rockwood, a charming city nestled in Roane County, Tennessee, is steeped in rich history. Its origins trace back to the post-Civil War era when it was founded in 1868 by General John T. Wilder. The city capitalized on its abundant mineral resources, particularly coal and iron ore, leading to a boom in industrial growth. The Roane Iron Company, established in the same year as the city itself, played a pivotal role in shaping Rockwood’s economic landscape. Over the years, Rockwood has evolved and diversified, maintaining its small-town charm while growing in harmony with modern developments.
Beyond its industrial prowess, Rockwood’s geographical location blessed it with natural beauty. Nestled between the Cumberland Plateau and the Tennessee River Valley, the area boasted scenic landscapes. By the 20th century, areas like Mount Roosevelt became popular destinations for hiking and enjoying panoramic views.
Throughout its history, Rockwood has fostered a vibrant community spirit. Events like the annual “Thunder Road Festival” pay homage to the region’s history and culture. The city has also been home to various historical sites, parks, and institutions that serve as testaments to its storied past.